You must be at least 18 years old, and have current, valid identification to register and receive a bidder number to bid.  You must deposit $500 cash that will be returned if no purchases are made.  All purchases must be paid for before 5pm on auction day in cash (US Dollars) or credit card or you will be assessed a $50 late fee per vehicle per day. Failure to pay for your purchases will result in forfeiture of your deposit and the right to attend future auctions. You must show your paid auction invoice and gate pass to remove the vehicle from the lot.

Sales tax, license and registration fees, inventory tax and buyer’s fees will be added to the purchase price of all items for public buyers. The above-mentioned fees are posted on the wall in the office, and it is your responsibility to review fees. $20 per day storage fee may be assessed for vehicles not removed from the lot by 5pm on the Tuesday following the date of sale.  The title will be transferred in the buyer’s name and address used at registration. There is a $100 fee to change names or address after purchase is made.

Vehicles will be marked with the appropriate Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) requirements needed to obtain license plates and registration. It is your responsibility to obtain the correct VIR for your residence county within 5 days of sale day.  If you fail to obtain the appropriate VIR within the time provided, we will process the transaction as “Title Only” meaning that you will not receive license plates or registration.  It will then be your responsibility to get the vehicle properly registered and pay the appropriate fees to obtain license plates and registration. Vehicles without a current state inspection will NOT receive a Buyers Tag and buyer agrees that the vehicle cannot be driven on public roads/highways without a current state inspection. Buyer agrees to tow/trailer the vehicle from the lot.

The auctioneer or his associates reserve the right to bid on any item.  The auctioneer will be the final authority in any and all disputes arising from the sale of all items. Any statements made by the auctioneer on the day of the auction will supersede any printed or oral statements made prior to the auction.

Metro Auto Auction (Seller) does not provide any insurance on your vehicle and will not be responsible for damage or any articles left on the auction premises. All vehicles are used vehicles that have had prior owners. Vehicles may have sustained prior body damage and may have undergone body repair while in the possession and control of prior owner. Any prior repaired body damage may affect the future trade-in or resale price of the vehicle or settlement value of insurance claims in the future. Seller disclaims any knowledge of the condition or operability of the airbag(s) and makes no representation or warranty as to whether or not it (they) would deploy in the event of an accident. Buyer acknowledges that (s)he had the opportunity to preview the vehicles and is satisfied with their condition. Buyer acknowledges that vehicles are sold AS IS, WHERE IS, and that (s)he accepts said vehicle with NO WARRANTIES WHATSOEVER, EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED AS TO IS MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR USE. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN.

Andy Rhoades, Texas Auctioneer License #10025 is licensed and regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. Any unresolved complaints should be directed to: Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, P.O. Box 12157, Austin, TX 78711 or by calling (512) 463-6599.